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NotificationX Pro


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  • Product Version: 2.5.5
  • Product Last Updated: 08.08.2022

NotificationX Pro WordPress plugin review & lifetime deal which is a social proof tool that helps you to grab the attention of your website

Why Do Your Business Need NotificationX?

Using this social proof marketing solution, brands are getting the following advantages

  • Grab Visitors’ Attention – Show users recent customer activity & get noticed
  • Build Instant Credibility – Gain their trusts using Social Proof & create urgency
  • Increase Business Growth – More than 20% increase in sales & engagement rates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is social proof marketing?
People seek recommendations from friends and family before making a purchase decision. Social proof marketing is the concept to showcase the actions of others to influence them in order to complete the purchase.

Do I need coding skills to use NotificationX?
Not at all! NotificationX has simple and super user-friendly setup wizard to help you configure the notification without using any code.

Can I use NotificationX on non eCommerce websites?
Yes, NotificationX can be used to display comment activity, promotional announcements and more which can be use on any website.

Is our website’s data legally safe with NotificationX?
Yes. Your data is legally safe and we guarantee to not make use of your data under any circumstances.

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