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WordPress Advanced Database Cleaner Premium


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  • Product Version : 3.2.1
  • product last updated : 29.06.2022

Advanced DataBase Cleaner PRO Plugin  will help you remove all those leftovers and perform a deep database clean-up and optimization (you can download the free version from wordpress.org).

Advanced DataBase Cleaner PRO Plugin Key Features

  • Delete old revisions of posts and pages, – delete old auto drafts & delete trash posts. This will help reducing the size of your “posts” table
  • Clean up Comments Table – Delete pending comments, spam comments, trash comments, pingbacks and trackbacks. This will reduce the number of rows in your “comments” table
  • Clean up Orphaned Metadata – Delete orphan post metadata, orphan comment metadata, orphan user metadata, orphan term metadata and orphan relationships
  • Clean up Expired Transients – Expired transients are temporary options that should not exist in your database since they are expired! Learn more
  • Display & View Orphaned Items – View details about orphaned item before making a database clean-up so you can be sure about what you are going to clean-up
  • Keep Last x Days’ Data – You can keep the last x days’ data from being cleaned and clean up only data older than the number of days you have specified
  • View & Manage Tables – Display tables information such as the number of rows, table size, etc. Optimize tables & repair corrupted ones. You can also empty and delete tables if needed
  • View & Manage Options – Display all options list and options information such as name, value, size, autoload, etc. Set options autoload to no/yes and delete options if needed
  • View & Manage Cron jobs – Display active cron tasks list (scheduled tasks) with their information such as arguments, next run, etc. Clean and delete scheduled tasks
  • Get and overview – The plugin will help you get a clear idea of what is happening in your database. It will report all unused/orphaned items that should be cleaned
  • Scheduling – The plugin will automate the process and run a cleanup/optimization automatically based on your settings. No need to do it manually each time
  • Reduce DB size – By deleting unused/orphaned items, you will save space in your database and make quicker backups since the file of your backup will be smaller

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